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Why mind divert every moment

This what sadhguru said... But to look within you have to practice a lot.. Of 100 meditators only 5%  may achieve 50% of concentration to reach with in.. Its a good number. First get into that 5%. Motivatie your mind to concentrate on the moment what ever you r doing..  Less multi tasking we help you get concentration. Take INNER ENGINEERING by Isha Foundation  Help to get start.

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A BIG QUESTION.....WHY IS THIS LIFE FOR.... Is it True this piece of life is seeing every day meracle ...

We came here.. we living here and living a big circle.. is called life cycle.. we will end where we start.. in between everything.. Ho God this is what I understood.  But questions remain same.. that is not able to understand.. So doing that, doing this. What not everything to find answers..  At last after long time I landed on feets of sadguru.. still I think I am not ready to face him.. but sure I will reach that point where I can see sadguru..

"Krishnam Vande Jagath Gurum" Happy Krishnaashtami to all.

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ....It's a great blessing from God, That I have Wonderful Friends from childhood..

Yes, I have friends who listen all my nonsense, my arrogance and sometimes Anger... But still they are loving me... As Sadhguru said I blessed that kind of friends in my life to continue my nonsense.

Defining Spiritual Way

Here i am showing some of wonderful words by Shri Sadhguru on Spirituality..As I am starting realizing that I did not acquired any in thara years after completing my Inner Engineering program. But in this Challenging times episodes it worked a lot for me..


IT's a wonderful journey i have made this 9 years... with sadhguru program a lot of change came but is very less for me. Because as Sadhguru words  commitment is lacking for me. 
I thought book reading will help to seek some thing, but i landed in confusion. What is this SPIRITUAL WAY.. still seeking..